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Attendance Procedures

For students to achieve high quality results, they must attend every class, every school day including sports days and special events up to and including the last day of school. Our school belief is that ‘Every day Counts’.
For any absence from school, including signing out early or signing in late, students need to supply information/permission from their parents or carers.
This may be done via a handwritten,
signed note, a phone call to the student absence hotline on  40305266 or an email to 
If a student is absent from school for whole or part of a day:
1.   Students who arrive before 8.50am attend their first lesson and they will be marked present.
2.   Students who arrive after 8.50am should go directly to the Student Services building to sign in.
3.   If the student arrives without information from the parent/caregiver relating to their late arrival, they will be directed to see a member of the Student Services team. Attempts will be made to call a parent or carer to confirm that they were aware of student being late to school.
4.   If no contact can be made, a message will be left OR the contact will be followed up later in the day.
5.   The student will be able to sign in and attend classes.
6.   If a student is absent from school and no contact is made with the school before 9.30am, parent/carer with a listed mobile phone number will receive a text message from the school requesting an absence explanation. Parents are able to text back and leave a required absence reason and this information is recorded as an
official absence from school. If a parent does not respond to this text message, the parent will receive a text again in 5 days requesting reason for the absence.
7.   If a student has any unexplained whole days absent at the end of  the month, letters will be mailed be mailed parent/carer. Parents are required to complete the information on the letter and return to the Student Services Admin Officer.
If a student is signing out of school early:
     1. Parents or carers are required to supply information to document   
the absence as outlined above.
     2. If leaving during a class time, the student is required to show the
         parental permission note to their teacher at the start of the lesson.  
         The student is then required to take to the note to Student Services
         and complete the signing out process.
     3. The student will be issued with an authorised absence pass and
         able to leave the school grounds.
For students who will be absent from school for an extended period of time:
A parent or carer should make contact with the school to inform them of the duration of and reasons for any extended absence from school.
Please note, where students who are absent from school for longer than 10 days, parents are required to complete an exemption form.
This can be obtained from the school. Where possible, the student is also asked to follow up with clarification with each of their teachers regarding curriculum and assessment requirements. This can be done by completing a ‘Student Extended Absence’ form. These can be obtained from the Head of Junior Secondary or Head of Senior School.
Attendance at Sports Days or Special Events:
It is an expectation that all students attend sports days or special event days as normal. These events are considered as valuable as regular teaching and learning days as they offer the chance for staff,
students and community to build school spirit, offer school leaders a chance to lead tasks, as well as develop respectful relationships, which are valuable life skills.